The Yellow Room offers a feeling of summer, year-round. It provides a luscious interior and a cozy terrace, warm with the sensation of Mediterranean air and the brilliance of Santiago sunrise.


This room offers an eclectic and urban ambiance with an ultramodern design.


This room provides a daring design combination that evokes a fiery, volcanic energy. It offers a one of a kind style, citric lighting and inspiration in each of its many details.


The White Room is a minimalist space full of light, with the pureness of snow and open air. It provides dynamic architecture, offering a grand sensation of peace and relaxation.


The Pink Room provides an exquisite mix of elegance that will make you live a simply unforgettable experience of majesty and comfort.


The Green Room offers natural shades that submerge its guests into an experience full of balance and well-being. The room connects to an overlooking balcony with the most intimate view of the bohemia that Santiago has to offer.